Why Lifeline

The philosophy behind LIFELINE FOUNDATION

All children deserve the best start in life. Children have the right to live in a world where they have hope and opportunity.
Children need special care and assistance, without which they cannot fully develop their potential.
Lifeline truly believes that the life of one person, if helped, can change the course of the world.
You never know who that one little girl or boy could be.

Why Children?

Children are our future!
These STATISTICS speak for themselves:

  • 6% of children in Belize suffer from malnourishment
  • 52% of children in Toledo suffer from growth retardation through malnourishment
  • 33% of people in Belize are unable to meet expenditure for basic food and non-food items
  • In Toledo 58% of the people are considered as being unable to meet expenses on basic food items
  • According to the UNAIDS/WHO fact sheet on HIV/AIDS/STDs for Belize at the end of 1997, an estimated 340 children have lost their mother or both parents to AIDS (while they were under age 15).
  • Belize now has the highest rate of HIV infection per head of population in Central America. According to the UNAIDS/WHO Fact Sheet the estimated rate of adults & children living with HIV/AIDS in Belize at the end of 1997 was 1.89.]
  • The population most affected by both HIV infection and AIDS is between 15-44 years (79%)
  • A 1995 poverty assessment report determined 33% of Belizean to be poor, with 13% falling into the category of very poor. There are no local studies on HIV and poverty but international research shows that economic priority sometimes overrule risk perception.
  • Department of Human Development (DHD) records show that in 1996 there were 155 children in institutions (The Right To A Future – UNICEF 1997). It cost BZE$330 per child per month to keep a child in the Child Care Center. The cost for caring for children with HIV/AIDS in state care will be significantly more.


  • At LIFELINE FOUNDATION, our pledge to you is to be effective in our outreach to those in need by being good stewards of the funds entrusted to us. We will present a summarized consolidated financial statement which will be supplied on our website.
  • LIFELINE Foundation is working towards assisting schools and orphanage with there feeding programs because children are hungry today. In conjunction with other NGOs, we will implement training programs geared towards healthy food choices using produces of the local market. The training objective is to provide families with a framework of what they can feed their children to be healthy.
  • LifeLine Foundation is committed in creating awareness in our community about the dire need of food, medication, clothing and other necessities for our children.