LIFELINE FOUNDATION is a charity trust relief organization which collects funds from the community and manages these funds, using the income to deliver food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to children who lack these essentials due to hunger, poverty or natural disaster.


Lifeline Foundation is a registered non governmental organization which raises money to benefit children at schools and orphanages who are in dire need of assistance in the form of feeding programs, medical care, and educational materials. “Lifeline Foundation” is committed to carrying out positive and impacting projects to help improve the quality of lives of our precious Belizean children.

Lifeline Foundation works in the country of Belize. We focus on long-term development and prevention work to help children, their families and our communities to be self-sufficient. We’ll learn from the reality of children’s lives and campaign for solutions to the problems they face.

Since its establishment in 2004, Lifeline has raised over $1, 400,000.00, all of which has gone directly to schools and other organizations actively involved in improving the lives of the children of Belize. Donations have been made to among others, the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center, Liberty Childrens’ Home, Hand in Hand Ministries, Alliance Against AIDS, the Belize Red Cross Society, the Cancer Society, Friends of Paediatrics, Special Olympics, the Belize Cancer Society, and the Rotary Club of Belize Gift of Life Programme. Lifeline has also contributed to the establishment and maintenance of feeding programmes in primary schools, and has provided educational, medical and sporting equipment to schools and other institutions. In the last five years Lifeline has funded the construction of cafeterias, classrooms, and bathrooms, and provided equipment for these buildings, and has carried out renovation and improvement of schools throughout the Belize, Toledo, Stann Creek, Orange Walk and Cayo Districts. Lifeline has also partnered with the Oak Foundation to spearhead the construction of a paediatric/neonatal unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. These projects have positively impacted the lives of children of Belize, and Lifeline is committed to continuing its work to help our children achieve their full potential by giving them the tools which will help them to improve their lives.


  • At LIFELINE FOUNDATION, our pledge to you is to be effective in our outreach to those in need by being good stewards of the funds entrusted to us.
    We will present a summarized consolidated financial statement which will be supplied on our website.
  • LIFELINE Foundation is working towards assisting schools and orphanages with their feeding programs because children are hungry today. In conjunction with other NGOs, we will implement training programs geared towards healthy food choices using produce of the local market. The training objective is to provide families with a framework of what they can feed their children to be healthy.
  • LifeLine Foundation is committed in creating awareness in our community about the dire need of food, medication, clothing and other necessities for our children.